J. Chester Armstrong
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J. Chester Armstrong
Artist's Statement

Solid, hand carved, one of a kind, black walnut creations honoring the life force and rhythms of nature. Each sculpture is masterfully carved to release the spirit of the being from within the tree. Surging wolf packs, galloping horses, the prowess of the mountain lion, the nimble swiftness of the antelope or the elegance of the heron are stunningly captured within the individual piece. Unlike bronze sculpture, wood imparts a warmth, depth, richness and life to the setting where it is placed.

The artist lives and works in the forest of the rugged Pacific Northwest where he prefers to stay connected to the seasons and cycles of the Earth. “As an artist, that’s what I am trying to depict: "Nature is truth.”....

J. Chester Armstrong - "LET IT MOVE" from IGNITE on Vimeo.

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